Since 2016 Robert Kroplewski has been entrusted with the function

of the Representative of the Minister for Digitalisation of the Information Society in Poland. From 2011 to 2016 he held the position of the director of the Legal Office of Polish Television S.A., within the period 2004-2006 he was the director of the Legal Department of the National Council

of Radio and Television, between the years of 2006-2011 he was

a strategic advisor of Telewizja Puls Sp.  z o.o and its investor News Corporation Inc., from 2005 to 2016 he was a partner in the law firm Januszczyk & Kroplewski Sp.P, and in 2000-2001 a legal advisor in the areas of e-commerce and internet services.in the White and Case law firm.


At the same time, he also performs social functions as an expert of the Sobieski Institute since 2005 in the area of new technologies, and from 2016 as a member of the board of directors of the  LifeSkills High School in Warsaw – the first High School in Poland focused on leaders forming. Within the past years 2006-2011 he was an expert of the President of UKE, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,

the Parliamentary Committee for Culture and Social Communication.


Since 2004 Robert Kroplewski has been performing the function of the arbitrator of the Arbitration Court for internet domains at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and then since 2006 at the National Chamber of Commerce.


The graduate (1993), Master of Law at University of Gdańsk, the Faculty of Law and Administration in the specialization of a two-year seminar on commercial law as well as private international law.


The graduate (1996) at Postgraduate Studies of the Institute of Inventions and Intellectual Property at the Jagiellonian University, specializing in intellectual property, media law, press and computer law, as well as competition law.


The graduate (2001) at Postgraduate Studies of the Institute of Inventions and Intellectual Property, Jagiellonian University, in the specialization of technology law, competition and consumer protection.


The title of the solicitor was obtained in 2000, after completing the application at the District Chamber of Counselors.